Baby Room

Birth to 2 years old.  Staff ratio is 1:3

There are two parts to the baby room, Interactive room and a quiet room for children to sleep in peace without the distractions from playful children.

Children are actively encouraged to participate in activities within the interactive room. Each child had their own individual routine. This will include sleep patterns, feeding routine etc. At the end of each day all parents of children up to 2 years of age will take home a ‘daily diary’. This is completed by the child’s keyworker who is responsible for emotional care and routines. This informs parents of what their child has done throughout the day, such as sleeps, nappy changes, food eaten and activities. Any additional comments can be displayed in the diary as any other information you may need to be aware of. All comments would be discussed with parents upon collection of their child.

Outdoor shoes must not be worn in the baby room. Staff will wear indoor shoes and visitors must remove their outdoor footwear before entering.